Ask the Sewcialists: Theme months or mini-challenges?

On Monday, Gillian’s post asked you to vote for the topic for our next theme month.

As you know, we have run a theme month four times a year since Sewcialists relaunched, with topics ranging from very specific to very broad and general. They can be a real way to focus the sewing and spark creativity as well as a bunch of fun.

We have also more recently added mini-challenges into the mix—a shorter, burst of adrenaline to just get on and sew something! That first mini-challenge with the “personality quiz” type questionnaire to determine your power word will stick with me forever.

We are a bit split here at Sewcialists between liking to have more notice and a longer time to engage (e.g. a theme month) and loving the fun of bouncing around between different types of posts and mini-challenges.

What’s your preference? Let us know in the comments below.