Our Mission

Welcome to the Sewcialists!

Our goal is to build community and make everyone feel welcome. Our blog is here for everyone to share their sewing stories and to celebrate our unique identities and experiences. We support crafting as an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations and sizes. If you sew, we want to hear your voice. 

We post Monday, Wednesday and Friday, thanks to the hard work of our volunteer team. We host over 100 authors a year, all of whom are volunteers from our community!

We have two distinct focuses here at the Sewcialists, which work together to celebrate our similarities and differences:

  • We host theme months four times a year, which anyone can participate in through hashtags on Instagram. Our theme months are designed to be fun and open-ended, so that all sewists can interpret them in their own way!
  • We dig into diversity, identity and representation through our “Who We Are” series, which continues between theme months. So far we’ve explored topics like age, ability, gender, size, and much more!

Over the last 6 years, the idea of a “Sewcialist” grew from a series of tweets to an active worldwide community. Follow us on Instagram at @sewcialists or contact us by email at sewcialists@gmail.com!

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