Ask the Sewcialists: Theme months or mini-challenges?

On Monday, Gillian’s post asked you to vote for the topic for our next theme month.

As you know, we have run a theme month four times a year since Sewcialists relaunched, with topics ranging from very specific to very broad and general. They can be a real way to focus the sewing and spark creativity as well as a bunch of fun.

We have also more recently added mini-challenges into the mix—a shorter, burst of adrenaline to just get on and sew something! That first mini-challenge with the “personality quiz” type questionnaire to determine your power word will stick with me forever.

We are a bit split here at Sewcialists between liking to have more notice and a longer time to engage (e.g. a theme month) and loving the fun of bouncing around between different types of posts and mini-challenges.

What’s your preference? Let us know in the comments below.

Dear Reader: Our goal is to build community and make everyone feel welcome. We support crafting as an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations and sizes. Regarding sewing challenge themes, we ask that you take each challenge as you see it fitting in your life, and express your involvement how you like, at the given time. Our challenges are for the pure enjoyment of participation and the love of community. Extended Mission Page Here.