We have a winner! Our next theme month is All Butts Welcome!

We asked you at the start of the week to vote for your preferred theme for our next theme month in May.

We are excited to announce that All Butts Welcome has won! This is a followup to our All Chests Welcome theme month last August, and we hope to provide the same combination of inspiration, fit and pattern advice, and diverse community sewing projects. All butts are good butts, of any size, shape, age, or gender.

Pie chart showing the results of the vote for which theme month was chosen. The winning theme is "All Butts Welcome" with 34.2% of the vote. The second place was "Matchy Matchy" with 25.7%, the third was Botanicals with 24.6% and the fourth was Pyjamas and Loungewear with 15.5%.

It was a close call, with Matchy Matchy in 2nd place, Botanicals in 3rd, and Pyjamas and Loungewear a distant 4th. We love that you’ve picked a challenging topic to explore together – and don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand (but not your butt) to help you through!

Here’s the official challenge, which will run from May 1st to May 31st, 2021: Sew pants, skirts, shorts, leggings or anything else that incorporates fitting your tush! Your garments can be a loose or fitted as you want, because like we say, all butts are welcome.

Let’s get planning! What might you make?