Sewcialists Podcast

Every other Tuesday, or thereabouts, Sewcialists release a podcast to discuss topics of the day, upcoming posts, and what’s happening at Sewcialists!

This podcast began as a regular portion of the Sew Organised Style daily podcast in 2020. As of January 2021, it is an official Sewcialists podcast, more closely integrated with the blog, with podgod and host Maria Theoharous joining the Sewcialists team as an editor.

Have a listen to some of the podcasts below, or visit Sew Organised Style to subscribe via your favourite podcast app/service!

Latest Podcast:

Gillian Whitcombe launches Sewcialists podcasts and talks about the 2 key goals for Sewcialists this year.

Previous Podcasts:

From 2019: please see Sew Organised Style, Sewcialist Tuesdays.

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