Ask the Sewcialists: What season are you sewing for?

School started here in Canada a few weeks ago, and the weather is suddenly chilly. It’s been about 7C/45F every morning, which means that the quilted jacket I started sewing in late August to “get ahead of the season” is suddenly the perfect layering piece around the house!

Ask the Sewcialists banner, reading "Do you sew for the season you re in, or the weather that is coming next?"

That got me thinking: Do you sew for the season you are in, or the weather that is coming next?

Myself, I tend to sew for the current weather, because I want something to wear tomorrow… except from time to time, a particular fabric or sewing challenge will inspire my to do some unseasonable sewing. For example, check me out pretending it’s sundress season in the snow during the first Sewcialists Mini Challenge, and sweating buckets in August taking pictures for the November issue of Sewn Magazine last year!

Two images: one of Gillian standing in the snow, wearing a green floral wrap maxi-length sundress, and another of her posing against an old building, wearing a teal tunic, leggings, and tall boots.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments: Do you sew ahead for the next season, or make clothes you could wear right now? Do you live in a place with consistent weather, so you can wear the same things all year round? Maybe you sew whatever you want, regardless of the time of year! Let us know below.

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