Sew Style Hero — It’s a wrap!

Hi there Sewcialists, I’m Wis from What I Sew and I am happy to bring you my roundup for our August theme: the Sew Style Hero.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the Hero aspect. The purpose is not to worship but to find inspiration. That’s why the guidelines for the theme were broad: “Choose someone online or in real life who inspires you with their sense of style, techniques, colour choices, or attitude. It can be a fellow sewist, a celebrity, or fictional character! Either copy something they’ve made/worn directly, or ask yourself, “What would they sew with this fabric?” And you, Sewcialists, became very creative with the theme.

Now who are our Sew Style Heroes? I browsed through all the blog posts and Instagram entries and tried to filter out some categories, which you can find below. I listed them in a non-particular order because it was not a contest. All the makes are super-fabulous!

Sewists — Seamstresses — Makers

I love that most of the Sew Style Heroes are fellow sewists.


@erikadeperika’s top is inspired by @roisinmuldoon and @sozoblog.


@sewprettyinpink made this fab crop top set inspired by @rare.device, who also sewed something inspired by her own Style Hero. (You will find her entry below under Fictional Characters.)


For this colorful look, Atia from The Bright Blooms let herself be inspired by not one other sewist, but by at least five: @houseofpinheiro, @madebytoya, @annaroslily, @joliesbobines, @androsabella.angelica.


This amazing Ankara dress from @mdelilahcarlson can only have been inspired by @marcyharriel.


This top from @dressmakingdebacles is inspired by Olivia Pope in colour and @ericabunker in design…. with her own personal style thrown in.


The chic Vogue 9312 from @thelittleroundhouse was also inspired by @ericabunker.


The turquoise gingham seersucker dress from @vacuumingthelawn is inspired by @fleurdelisedesign.


Our Gillian was inspired by @sewbusylizzy and @sewbeckyjo to sew a Wiksten Kimono.


Another Kimono, the Kochi Kimono sewed by @in_a_fankle inspired by @kirstensewsthings.


@gilliancrafts was back with another make, taking the #sewstylehero to a higher level when she made a direct copy of the fabulous @sewuthinkucan dress that she shared with @sewcialists for #sewstripes month!


@birdiesnitch made this dress from a tablecloth and a duvet cover and was inspired by @ingridviklysne and @evakittelsen.


@tanymaile is a huge inspiration for @sarah121haras. She wrote about it on the Sewcialists’ blog.


The wonderful coloured Esme tunic (pattern from @lottajansdotter) sewed by @sewnsow is inspired by @katilulemakes.


In her blog post here at the Sewcialists blog, @suestoney proves that it is not easy to have only one Sew Style Hero. There are several makers who inspire her. The outcome of this inspiration is this remarkable top.


For her Seamwork Loretta top, @grace.creating was inspired by @insidethehem and @theunfinishedseamstress.


For the Kabuki Tee, I, @wis_g,  was also inspired by a fellow sewist, @isewthereforeiam.


Sewcialist editor @timetosew made these linen overalls inspired by @selfassemblyrequired.


For her Coffee Date Dress, @tanitisis was inspired by the Selfish Seamstress. Sadly sometimes a project doesn’t work out like we envisioned it, though her dress is beautiful nonetheless. We’ve all been there.

sewstylehero38, a sewing teacher, is inspired by one of her students, @thriftynotion,  to make this fabulous top, cut on the bias.


Look at these cute shorts @eigenmotion made for her little man inspired by @sewandrew (formerly @bustersew).


@isewthereforeiam (who is my Sew Style Hero) found the inspiration for her Winslow Culottes from @fionaparker17.



@faithstjules was inspired to wear more colours by her mother’s words: “When you look good, you feel good. We are Jamaicans, vibrant colors are a part of who we are. You look like you’re going to a Marilyn Manson concert all the time.”

On the Sewcialists’ blog there are two touching stories of sewists who were inspired by their mothers.


Yvette named her new dress Jeltje after her mother.


BlossomRevival22 shares the story of the beautiful white vintage dress that she and her mother embellished to become a stunning wedding dress.


Also daughters can be Sew Style Heroes. This is what @garichild tells us: “My daughter! My Demi! She is my muse, my inspiration, the reason why I wear what I want.”


Celebrities could be movie stars, artists, fashion designers, or style gurus


@ladyhoye looks dazzling in her green dress inspired by @mimigstyle.


Check out this Carolina Herrera inspired gingham ball gown, sewed by @byluciagrace!



The famous Little Black Dress made by Sonja from ‘Sewing à la Carte’ was a tribute to Coco Chanel.


Looking fabulous in in sequins and crushed velvet is Sewcialists editor @chloe_deadlycraft. Blake Lively is the inspiration for this remarkable outfit.


There is no age limit for being a Sew Style Hero. Look at the stunning outfit @floating_sewist sewed, inspired by @iris_apfel.


Your Style Hero can also be someone who has had the same experience. @crafty_alibobs is dedicating her project to @fehrtrade , whose own journey from bone marrow transplants to running marathons gave Alison the courage to regain her own fitness during cancer treatment.


@my_small_wardrobe inspired @acolourfulcanvas to draft her own pattern for this stunning dress.


@Ihkedunne is totally inspired by Frida Kahlo. She went to the  V&A in London wearing a top in a flowery print.


For the Brisbane Frocktails, @sunnydayz06, sewed this Maven French Dart dress inspired by Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.

Fictional Characters


@rare.device made a stunning dress inspired by Keira Knightley on a cliff in Pride and Prejudice. The dress is also a tribute to Janelle Monae’s Pynk. And don’t forget @rare.device inspired @sewprettyinpink (see above in the sewists category).


Sewcialist editor @sewbeckyjo had not one but two Sew Style Heroes that were fictional characters. For herself she sewed this amazing outfit inspired by Cate Blanchett’s character in Ocean 8.


She also designed and sewed a costume from one of the My Hero Academia characters for her daughter.


Speaking about Heroes, Wonder Woman couldn’t be absent! @pimp_slapped made some bracelets and a cuff in Wonder Woman style.


Wow! I’m a little overwhelmed with all these fantastic #sewstylehero makes, aren’t you? I can say with certainty that the Sewcialist Sew Style Hero theme month was a success!

(P.S. It’s a pity there are no entries from #menwhosew!)