August is #SewStyleHero Month!

Sew (2).jpg

It’s time for a new theme month!

Well, actually, Sew Style Hero Month is actually our classic Tribute Month, renamed. We hosted our first Tribute Month in 2014, and it was our first theme month when we relaunched last year. We love the concept of Tribute Month, which is to sew something inspired by another sewist. It’s a way to highlight people within our community, stretch out of our stylistic comfort zone, and celebrate each other! The name was always a bit clunky though – what can I say, it was named around the era of Hunger Games.

This year we worked as a team to come up with a new name, that would be catchier and better express the point of the theme month: Sew Style Hero! We hope that #sewstylehero will become an annual August theme month for the Sewcialists, so that you can gather inspiration all year round and look forward to celebrating each other in August!

So, what is Sew Style Hero Month? 

Choose someone online or in real life who inspires you with their sense of style, techniques, colour choices, or attitude. It could be a fellow sewist, a celebrity, or fictional character! Either copy something they’ve made/worn directly, or ask yourself, “What would they sew with this fabric?”

For example: 

  • Is there a fellow sewist’s project you loved, that you always meant to copy for yourself? Now is the time!
  • Do you love the way someone mixes colour, print or texture? Study how they do it, and give it a shot yourself.
  • Want to stretch your skills or try some slow sewing? Look for people who inspire you with their attention to detail and process.
  • Is there a character, celebrity or sewist who embodies the spirit you wish you had? Get ready to strut down the street like a boss when you’ve made something inspired by them!

The rules participating are simple: Make something inspired by your style hero, and share it with us! Tag your pictures #sewstylehero on Instagram, or email it to us at if you aren’t on Instagram, or share it on your blog and let us know! Please make sure you share the story behind your inspiration!

We’ll have posts all through July with community members sharing their inspirations, and in August we’ll have plenty of finished project posts for you to enjoy. We’ll be asking for 3 volunteer authors on Instagram on Wednesday at 7am EST, and 3 more volunteer authors on the blog Friday 7pm EST. First come, first serve, as always!

Who comes to mind as your Sew Style Heroes? Let us know below!