Sustainable Sewing Resources

Sustainable sewing has become a huge topic in the community over the last two years! There are so many ways to approach the topic, and deep feelings connected, and sometimes getting started can feel overwhelming. Today we are rounding up some of our favourite resources, discussions and posts that will help you dip a toe in the water.

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Last November we hosted a Sustainable Sewing theme month, using the #sustainablesewcialists on Instagram! The discussions were really fascinating, from sustainable fabric production to refashioning, reusing, and mindful sewing. You can read all of our posts here, or check out a few highlights:


As you may have noticed on Instagram, New Craft House hosted #SewYourselfSustainable last month. It is a series of daily prompts that you could also use anytime about sustainable sewing.

New Craft House's Instagram challenge has 30 prompts for daily sustainable sewing posts.

There are quite a few hashtags for sustainable sewing on instagram, so here are some popular ones to get you started:

Blogs and People to Follow:

Kate from @TimeToSew / is a past Sewcialists Editor who delves into the big questions of sewing sustainably on her blog and Instagram feed. Her posts are well-researched and thoughtful!

Alex from @Sewrendipity / is a past Great British Sewing Bee contestant who shares knowledge from her day job in sustainable fashion production, as well as her fashion-forward modern minimalist wardrobe!

How does sustainability play a role in your sewing? Is it something you think of a lot, or rarely? We hope that these resources help get you started if it’s a topic you want to explore… and if it’s already a passion, please share your other recommendations down below!