30K! NO WAY!

Here at Sewcialists we are definitely not about “the traffic and the likes.” We aren’t monetized at all, so our only mission is to share sewing stories from as many people as we can include. As our mission statement says:

Our goal is to build community and make everyone feel welcome. Our blog is here for everyone to share their sewing stories and to celebrate our unique identities and experiences. We support crafting as an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations and sizes. If you sew, we want to hear your voice. 


The above comes with great responsibility. While we don’t spend time on mysterious audience-building tactics like search engine optimisation, we DO spend a bunch of time sourcing stories from our community and highlighting them as hard as we can!

Given that, we couldn’t let this pass without celebrating you – as our community, and the real source of all this love:

A screenshot showing the Sewcialists' Instagram page, with 30.3K followers!

Sincerely from all of us here, we want to thank you for your stories, friendship, honesty and seriously amazing sewing.

We also want MORE (we are power hungry now!). So we are putting the call out — why not write for us? If you have an idea for a post, a challenge or a series, drop us a line (sewcialists@gmail.com).

Finally, if you aren’t one of those 30.3k on Instagram, hop over there and check out our feed. There is so much more space on IG to repost and share stories, plus to hear your thoughts on all things sewing. Here’s a great example, but there are many many more.

Sending you thirty thousand thank yous and celebrations! xxx

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia. She blogs at chlo-thing.com and can be found on Instagram here