Welcome to our updated website, TheSewcialists.com !

We’ve been working on some website updates behind the scenes, and it’s finally time for a reveal!

What has changed? 

SEWCIALISTS (10)1. We’ve moved to thesewcialists.com! Please update your favourites if you find us that way – hopefully blog readers will automatically redirect. Let us know if you have any trouble navigating to us!

2. Making it easier to find the posts you enjoy. We’ve added a few new ways to find older posts and explore different types of posts we offer, like Who We Are or a finished projects. Here’s how:


  • Explore categories in our drop-down menus: If you scroll to the top of our site, you’ll see drop-down menus featuring different types of posts: Home, About Us, Theme Months, Who We Are, and Sew Inclusive. Click on any of those menus or their drop-down options, and you’ll be able to explore different categories of posts!


  • Featured posts: Explore some of our favourite posts, recent news, or older gems in the featured post carousel at the top of the blog homepage!


  • Click on the three horizontal “hamburger” lines in the top left corner: When you click on this icon, a side tool bar will slide out. From here, you can use the search bar to search key words like “blouse” or “plus size”, or you can use the Archives drop-down to select posts from a certain month.


3. See more posts at once! We post three times a week, and that content can get hidden pretty quickly in a typical blog format. We’ve changed our homepage now to display three columns of posts at once, so that it’s easier to click through to the posts that interest you!

That’s it for now – we’ll keep you posted as we make other small tweaks and adjustments. Please bear with us if anything looks odd for now, and let us know if you find any problems.

We’re excited that this website refresh will help our community keep growing! What do you think of the new look?