Sew Style Hero: Make It, Mix It, Rock It

Yasssssss!!!!! Give honor where honor is due. What a great day to brag on my Sew Style Hero, or shall I say…”Shero.”  Mimi G. is her name, and her hip, Make It, Mix It, Rock It D.I.Y. sewing tutorials are her claim to fame. Mimi G. became my sew style shero when giving me a solution to an age-old issue, many curvy women and I deal with every date night, girl’s night, and special occasion. We need something to wear and we want to look cute while wearing it.


Two years ago, on my 312th disappointing shopping trip (I multiplied 6 years by 52 Saturdays), Retail shopping and I had a falling out. I found the prettiest 1950’s style blouse. It was chiffon with pink and green paisley, that kind of reminded me of a Lily Pulitzer print with a green ribbon tie on the waist. I grabbed an XL and hurried excitedly to the dressing room. Trying to button that blouse was like trying to make New York and California meet. It wasn’t happening. I was so disgusted. After 312 shopping Saturdays, it appears designers think plus sized women only want to wear pillowcase silhouettes with elastic waists.  I stomped out of the dressing room and decided that day I was going to learn to sew and make my own @$&^ clothes!

Melinda Hoye

Soon after, I began to surf YouTube “Sewing for Beginners” and came across a youthful little seamstress that was going to show ME how to make a pencil skirt in 30 short minutes. I did it!!! My entire vacation wardrobe was fitted stretch-knit pencil skirts in every color. Enthralled by Mimi’s personable, cousin-like-personality, I continued following her using the DIY tutorials as my “go-to” when I needed something to wear. I joined Sew-It-Academy, as I continue to learn the art of sewing. Additionally, I attended the 2017 Mimi G Fashion and Sewing Style Conference in L.A. Now, I can literally sew my entire wardrobe. I’m talking from my own bras to a winter coat. If I learn how to make shoes, it’s game on!

Mel and Mimi

Recently, I needed a dress for a bridal shower this past June and I consulted my Shero via her blog I fell in love with a yellow strapless knotted summer dress. This dress is the epitome of Mimi’s Make It, Mix it, and Rock It, because she converted a McCall’s shirt Pattern M7752 into an occasion appropriate frock. I took it a step further and made it plus sized accommodating my curvy bust, waist, and hips.

Today, it is two years and a couple of weeks later. I peaceably write: Dear Retail, I am no longer mad at you. In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Ciao!

Melinda shares her makes at @ladyhoye on Instagram.