The Sewcialists are turning 1! (And also 5!)

A year ago, I took a deep breath, and hit “publish” on a post announcing that the Sewcialists was coming back to life! The Sewcialists blog was first started in 2013 as a space for community theme months, but this time I also wanted to fill a gap in the sewing community for a progressive, diverse, inclusive community where many voices were heard.

I talked with a friend right after the relaunch, and I remember her asking, “You keep saying “we”! Who do you have helping you out?” I gulped, and told her “So far it’s just me, but I really hope some people will join me!”


Flash forward to today, and we have nearly 10 000 followers on Instagram, and the participation in our theme months nearly doubles every time! But what matters most to me is that we’ve featured over 100 different sewists in our posts this year, which means a lot of voices have been heard, valued, and celebrated!

What has blown me away more than anything is people’s excitement to write for us and become part of a bigger project. We have more volunteers to write for our theme months than we can handle, and I hope you agree that our authors come out with consistently high-quality and inspiring posts!

In the Who We Are series, we’ve had over 20 honest, vulnerable, challenging posts about ethnicity, age, size, gender, orientation, health, and so much more. Some of our authors have really gone out on a limb sharing things that they normal keep very private, and you as an audience have been supportive and good listeners every time! I can’t thank you enough.


And finally, none of this could become possible without the tireless work behind the scenes by the 80 volunteers in the Sewcialists Blog Team group on Facebook. EIGHTY!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. 80 people who support our mission. 80 people willing to help edit, brainstorm, and pitch in as needed. I’d never have imagined it a year ago.

THANK YOU, SEWCIALISTS! Thank you for reading, commenting, writing post, and doing the work to make this all happen. It’s a group effort, and I can’t wait to see where we go next! 

I’d love to know: What posts or aspects of the Sewcialists have really resonated with you this year?