Author: Blue Sunday

Admit it, the only reason you’ve clicked on this link is because you’re curious. You want to know who I am, and what value could my blog possibly bring to your life.  In short, I’m daughter to James and Maxine…sister to LaWanda…aunt to Nicole…and girlfriend to E. I’m niece to many (my Mom is one of eight). Cousin to millions…okay not really millions but when your Mom is one of eight it feels like it. I’m friend to a very select group of people, and enemy to a few. The things I love: girlfriends, great conversation, wine, fashion, God, shoes, food, wine, community with people, movies, great TV shows, wine, plays, traveling, dancing and good music. Not necessarily in that order. And I think I’m starting to love sewing. And that leads me to the nitty gritty. Which is what you’re looking for right? Why, Nisha Williams, have you started a blog? And why should I spend my valuable seconds (that are quickly ticking by) reading it? It all started with one of the best Christmas presents ever, a sewing machine. My lovely Mother has a gift of gifting really great gifts. And she usually hits the nail on the head. A few Christmases ago she gifted me with my very own Singer Sewing Machine. I was totally stoked. You see, I’m a girl that LOVES fashion. And I love it with a twist. I’m always looking for something different. Something special. And to be honest, those things are very hard to find in mass market retail. When I received that sewing machine, it was my opportunity to start making my own clothing, exactly the way I wanted. So you think I’m some rock-star seamstress about to impress you with my sewing prowess? Not so much. I immediately took four sewing classes, only to find that nothing I sewed fit. If I made a tunic that fit my hip measurement, the arms and chest were way too large. Sadly, after sewing 2 shirts and two dresses with the same results, I sat my sewing machine down, and decided that sewing wasn’t for me. Fast forward to this summer. I looked at my sewing machine and decided I would try again. And go figure. I found a Rock Star Seamstress who is working on a pattern for my body, which I can use to adjust any pattern I want to make. I’m enjoying working with my teacher. And who knew the blogosphere is FILLED with Rock Star Seamstresses that are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise. With that, I decided to join this newfound world of blogging to share my successes and failures. I also want to inspire others that may be in the%