Author: emmaandhermachine

Hi, I'm Emma. I work in a high school by day and I am a dressmaker by night. I tried my first sewing pattern in March 2016 and a love and obsession began from there. I genuinely think that sewing opens so many doors and allows us to dress as we truly want to and create to our shapes! As a relatively novice sewer, I try to improve continuously and I set myself challenges to try new skills all the time, in hope that my wardrobe can become more me made. Although my husband and family are willing to briefly enter fabric shops and haberdashers with me (I am even forcing it on my 6 year old niece, in hope she will, become obsessed too!) they will often glaze over during my sewing ramblings! Luckily, I am having the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by like-minded people, who are sewaholics like me, and I hope I may be able to do the same.