#AllButtsWelcome: Final Round-Up

Hey Sewcialists! It’s been fun watching everyone’s makes for the final theme month challenge! From rompers to pants, and even underwear, y’all really came out here to impress and inspire. Fitting for our butts can be a daunting topic to approach, so it’s nice to have a challenge like this to help give each other confidence and motivation. This will be the last theme month before Sewcialists says goodbye, but we still have content for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

But let’s get started on this round-up!

Guest Authors

We had four lovely contributing authors this month. Special shout-out to Linda, Karey, Jenny, and Kelly! More info (and links!) can be found below:

Linda can be seen wearing four different outfits, each in different colors.

Linda shows you how to achieve different silhouettes using pocket shape and placement in her post found here. You can also find her on Instagram @sew__so__beautiful.

Karey is seen wearing a black shirt with a neon yellow safety vest. She is also wearing a bike helmet and purple glasses.

Karey shares her journey in pantie fitting, finding the right terminology, and shares a bunch of useful pics and knowledge! This would be a great place to start if you’ve had problems finding the right pantie/underwear fit. The post can be found here. Instagram is @kareylea.

Jenny is seen wearing the Leo Dungarees from By Hand London. She is wearing a bright rainbow cat print.

Jenny talks about making and wearing pants (in lots of different styles and colors!). Her journey can be read here. Instagram is @johassler, but she can also be found @PunkFrockers.

Kelly is seen next to their Serger sewing machine. They are wearing all black clothes and hoop earrings.

Kelly talks about their love of making garments for clients and connecting with them on a personal level. The post can be read here. Instagram is @kellyhogaboom, but they also post @bespokehogaboom.

We also had a ton of fun content written by our editorial team! We were hard at work covering a lot of topics, so I’ve organized them here for your viewing pleasure and ease of access:

  1. Sue writes about non-pants patterns you can use for #AllButtsWelcome, which can be found here. This post has a lot of fun ideas so I’d definitely check it out if you need some ideas.
  2. Chloe asks the Sewcialists about fitting challenges when fitting their butts (post found here), shares patterns with built-in adjustments (link here), and Gabby helps Chloe in her fitting journey (found here). She also find some gender affirming underpants for menswear style undies that aren’t shaped for a bulge (here).
  3. Renee shares her knowledge of useful fitting books in her post titled: Fitting Resources For Every Bum, Butt & Badonkadonk (found here).
  4. New to sewing pants? Bri has you covered! Check out her post with some beginner friendly patterns (click here). It has loungewear, workwear, and things in-between!
  5. Gabby asks her All-Star guest panel the heated question: To scoop? Or not to scoop? (Post found here).
  6. Denise made a mid-theme round up post (here). She also made a post with me (Chris) called The Buttening, where we have fun showing off our Shona Rompers for #RomperRumble2021 in different knit fabrics (check the post out here).
  7. Gillian offers some ideas about making pants stretch in her latest post found here.
  8. Anne asks the Sewcialists about their lower-body fit challenges and talks a bit about hers in this post.

Alright! Lastly (but not leastly) I’d like to share some pictures under the #AllButtsWelcome tag over on Instagram! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a fun theme! This is not an exhaustive list of everyone who posted, but it’s a great look at the range of ways that people took part!

@montanastrange is seen wearing a zip polo neck and the Pomona pants pattern by Anna Allen Clothing. Both pieces are in a white fabric with bold and black alphabet letters.


@mandabe4r is seen rocking the Burnside Bibs pattern by Sew House Seven in lilac.


@marabaraanddaughters is wearing white pants and a top with squiggly lines.


@crispystitches is seen wearing green Dawn Jeans from Megan Nielson Patterns and a white top.


@sallymakesstuff is wearing a blue and white Shona Romper by Workhorse Patterns and Pipe Dream Patterns.


@fitforartpatterns is seen wearing a black and white top. They are also wearing black Eureka Pants by Fit for Art Patterns.


@kimloves2sew is wearing baby blue  Free Range Slacks by Sew House Seven and a white top.


And just like that, the #AllButtsWelcome theme month is over! Thanks again to everyone who participated. It feels weird to call this the last theme month, to be honest. But even though we won’t be the ones organizing any more of these challenges or theme months, I’m still looking forward to what the community comes up with! Until then, cheers!

Hello! My name is Chris, and I currently live in San Diego, CA. You can find me @Imthatbrujastitch on Instagram where I post all of my makes.