#AllButtsWelcome/Ask The Sewcialists: What’s Your Lower-Body Fit Challenge?

Image of peaches on a tree with text on top, saying "#AllButtsWelcome: What is your lower-body fit challenge?"

We’ve talked about flat butts, we’ve talked about round butts, we’ve debated scooping on crotch curves, we’ve made rompers to show off your ‘assets’, we’ve talked about gender-affirming underwear that fits the bits you’ve got…now we want to hear from you!

What’s your lower-body fit challenge?

Here’s mine! (Warning: it’s a 💩 issue.)

I’ve written before about sewing to accommodate my insulin pump (I have type 1 diabetes), and having waistbands that are sturdy enough (but not so bulky that the pump can’t clip to them) is one of my personal requirements for both pants and underwear.

Unfortunately, I also have a condition called gastroparesis, which is a complication of that diabetes. It means I have nerve damage in my gut, so the nerves don’t trigger the internal muscles to move things through the digestive tract in the usual way. (Sometimes things don’t move through me at all, and sometimes things move through altogether too quickly. It’s hard to be delicate about describing this! The nerve damage is still fairly mild—some people with gastroparesis are on feeding tubes and struggle to get enough calories to survive, and I’m certainly far from that, at least for now.)

In terms of fitting pants, I definitely do have some challenges. As you can imagine, if you haven’t had a bowel movement in many days, you’re going to have pretty intense bloating. Even a slightly tight waistband can be enough to pretty much halt my digestion! Plus, if things are moving too quickly, then I need to be able to get those pants off in a hurry when I make it to the toilet, so fiddly buttons and zips are not my friends. In other words, I’m forever trying to find the perfect unicorn waistband and fit: sturdy enough to hold my insulin pump in place, but stretchy enough to accommodate bloating and to avoid triggering a flare-up by being too firm, and definitely easy to whip off quickly. There’s no one magic solution or perfect pattern so far, alas, so I rely on different pants on different days, and some days I resort to boxy dresses with no waistbands at all (and pockets for the pump)!

So, that’s me and my quest for the perfect waistband solution.

Tell us about your personal fit challenges when it comes to your butt—or your belly (since waistbands and crotch curves encompass the front as well as the back of the body)!

Anne leads the copy-editing team at the Sewcialists. She’s been diabetic for 22 years this month, and she’s been Gillian’s sister for a good deal longer than that. You can find her on Instagram here.