#AllButtsWelcome: The Buttening

Hey! Hey! It’s time for the ROMMMMPER RUUUUUMBLE!!! As in #RomperRumble2021. Both of us made the Shona Romper by Workhorse and Pipedream patterns. And to be cheeky, we decided to organize the #RomperRumble2021 sew-along because we need some fun in our lives. Neither of us has breasts, Chris doesn’t have hips, Denise doesn’t have much shoulder—but we both have rumps, and they don’t horse around! In fact, sewing the Shona romper around our different booties was a GAS! Here’s the low-down, coin-slot edition:


Let me just begin by saying that I LOVE this romper. Becky (@workhorsepatterns) and Joann (@pipedreampatterns) really did a good job in this collaboration. It hugs my body in all the right places, it’s super comfy, and it showcases them cheeks.

Chris is facing away from the camera, wearing his romper. The back is half black and half stripes with alternating colors. The caption reads: These cheeks.
Thhheeeessseeeee cheeks.

In choosing something that wasn’t too tight and still gave me a bit of room (but only a bit!), I went with Version 1 (size 24) in the Saorsa size chart. My intention was to create at least two of these beautiful rompers, but….well… let’s just say that sometimes my ambitions get the better of me. On the bright side, this pattern is so fun to play around—that color blocking felt like a breeze. I also made a muslin for extra measure since I wanted this to be a tighter fit than usual.

Chris is facing the camera. The front of the romper is half horizontal stripes with different colors (red, green, black, baby blue, white) and the other half is split into two segments (top half black and bottom half green).

The color blocking turned out a lot more amazing than I had originally imagined, though! I ended up changing a couple elements as I went, mostly around how I wanted the bands to look in contrast to one another. Like I said, this pattern is fun to play around with. All the knits I chose for this project had different amounts of stretch to them (including my muslin), so that made the project slightly harder. If I had some more experience, that would had been a no-brainer, but now I know! In the end, I regret nothing.

Chris is comfy laying down on his bed with his romper and the caption: Success!

I can’t wait to make this romper again, especially in the winter where I can choose some warmer knits or even—dare I say?—some lace/mesh to experiment with. These cheeks will never be the same again.


I’m stealing Chris’s line: I LOVE this romper! I mean, REALLY love it! What a fun sew! In fact, the Shona romper is so fun and creative, I made three and have plans for more.

Woman seated against a white background smiling wearing a white and dark blue striped romper
Woman standing in front of a white background smiling at the camera with hands on hips wearing a black and pink floral romper

My ASSet is wider than Chris’s, so I didn’t need to take anything in on the sides—in fact, I widened the waist since I’ve been through menopause. But you can’t go wrong with knits, especially the four-way 40% percent stretch knits required for the Shona. It all depends on you: Are you serving your Shona saucy or extra-saucy?

Woman without breasts standing in front of a background with hands on her hips wearing a dark blue and white polka dot romper

Version 1 offers great coverage of the gluteus maximus—especially if you add the leg cuffs. No wedgies, no peeky-cheekys. The type of fabric really determines how clingy the Shona becomes. I made two sets of Version 1 in different fabrics: one, a striped cotton jersey; the other, a floral stretch polyester intended for sleepwear. You can see how the polyester clings, no BUTTS about it.

Woman standing against a white background with her back to the camera wearing a white and blue striped romper
Woman standing against a white background with her back to the camera wearing a black and pink floral romper

Version 2 seems best served with some extra sauce, so I let it all hang out. It’s already a cheeky cut, BUTT, I also chose to omit the leg cuffs.

Woman's butt cheeks in a blue and white polka dot romper


Here’s a straight-forward image that is more realistic. It’s important to know that there’s not a lot of juice in my caboose, so your mileage may vary.

woman standing and showing back and butt cheeks while wearing a blue and white polka dot romper

We feel that you can’t go wrong with the Shona romper. In fact, you’ll have a PEACHY time making it. And what’s not to love about #RomperRumble2021? Think sleep rompers, lounge rompers, costume rompers, old-timey swimwear rompers, Xmas pajama rompers, holiday rompers, pillow-fight rompers, rompers for ooh-la-la, and, most importantly, a romper that allows your ASSet to express itself without a lot of hot air!

It’s time to join the rumble!

Hello! My name is Chris, and I currently live in San Diego, CA. You can find me @Imthatbrujastitch on Instagram where I post all of my makes.

And I’m Denise! I currently live in Portland, OR. You can find me @h.o.m.u.n.c.u.l.u.s on Instagram where I also post my makes.