#AllButtsWelcome Round-Up!

Sewcialists has promised to go out with a bang! And with this theme month—which you all voted to have—I’d say Sewcialists is going out like a giant fart! (In the most awesome way, that is.) This month has not only been educational, but oh so fun! Let’s see what’s happening with the #AllButtsWelcome hashtag…

(Disclaimer: this is only a sampling of all the mighty ASSets shimmying on the internet. If you don’t see your butt here, we did not intend to poop on your parade. Party on and shake it!)

@seworganizedstyle hosted a very detailed podcast with @sarahveblen about pants fitting. Now that’s peachy!

Two images of a person facing  forward and back wearing a marked pants muslin

@humbledandelion made some shorts with a king-sized bedsheet and had to make so many alterations, the pattern is unrecognizable. That’s some serious butt love!

A white woman stands with her back facing the camera. She is showing her butt in navy shorts.

And make no butts about @back.to.stitch Calyer pants! She still struggles with fit—BUTT might not after reading all of the educational goodies this month!

A woman standing in grey pants showing her butt

@damselfly.ca had better success with her Sculthorpe pants which fit her cheeks like a French kiss! The only mods made were to the length.

A woman standing with her back to the camera showing her butt in her navy pants

For butt leisure, @juebejue joined #RomperRumble2021 and sewed up a cheeky Shona for her sleepy butt that is sure to keep those butts in the bed awake a little longer… ooh-la-la…

A woman showing her cheeky cut pink romper with butt cheeks hanging out

While @artcoopsville decided to work that ASSet with some activewear leggings. Check out her spotted and striped butt in the wild!

A woman standing back facing the camera showing her butt in athletic leggings

There’s skirts and dresses for butts that like to feel the breeze. @cozypunk made their self-drafted dress out of quilter’s cotton for the ultimate oomph! Beautimus gluteus!

Two images of a trans woman standing in an orange and grey dress. one image is facing forward, the other is facing back and she is showing her butt

And @rocessence twirled her sustainable butt around in her Zero Waste Gather dress. Thanks earth-friendly butt!

A woman with long dark hair twirls around in a blue zero waste dress

For butts that need a hug, @tanitisis finally finished her Ginger jeans that were started a year ago. UFO done! High-five to that butt!

A woman standing facing her back to the camera and showing her butt in jeans

And @ohsewmargy made the Elwood jean from an old sofa cover! Thumbs up to this reusable butt!

A woman standing with her back facing the camera. She is showing her butt in jeans

And finally, there’s relaxed butts! @emeryasmith made the Fremantle pants for their stealth butt that is living the secret pajama lyfe.

A nonbinary person showing their butt in relaxed pants

While @stitchininmykitchen mixed up her silhouette with some wide leg pants for an easy breezy party in the back! This butt gets the best seat in the pant house!

A person wearing a black top and denim-colored pants with their butt to the camera

What a GAS! Keep the hashtags coming for our final theme month: #AllButtsWelcome Put some BUTTer on it and join us!