#AllButtsWelcome: Fitting Resources For Every Bum, Butt & Badonkadonk

When we think of fitting our bottoms for sewing, maybe we always think pants are the challenge. Having fit my apple bottom, now more fiddle shaped lower half, I can tell you fitting your bum isn’t just limited to pants.

I’ve had rising skirt hems, tops that sit on my hip/ butt shelf, strained wrinkles and more. I’ve tackled them through a series of resources, a few of which I’d like to point out here.

Let me start by saying I, Renee, am a book user. I like to see line drawings and compare notes. Turning a page or using my finger to read lines of copy helps me learn best. So I won’t be including any video links here, but will note some free or low cost options for ya. This is by no means exhaustive, just some things I’ve found helpful over the years of teaching and personal fit.

First Up, General Fitting Resources:

Book cover for the title Fitting & Pattern Alteration

I’m starting with the priciest, most exhaustive book on fitting a body I know. The “Liechty” book is Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach to the Art of Style Selection, Fitting, and Alteration. This pricey textbook covers every kind of derriere alteration you can imagine from dropped, round, flat, wide and anything in between. Pro Tip: Older copies can be had for far less than a 2015 third edition.

Book cover for The Perfect Fit

I may go hoarse for all the times I recommend this book. It’s not specific to bottoms, but is what I like to call a “starter fit book”. Singer’s The Perfect Fit just gives you one to two options for making any alteration suggested. For tushies, they cover some pants and skirt fitting, but also talk how much ease you’ll want for your butt, ways to alter a one size pattern to fit you best when grading isn’t an option and addresses the most common of fit concerns. The photos are dated but sharp with their 80s technicolor glory.

The Great Swayback

A swayback is a fairly common alteration within the sewing community. Depending on who you ask, it has to do some with your keister. Is it the to hem of your top hanging up on your bum? Or too much length at center back? Just as there is more than one way to view a swayback, there is more than one way to fix it.

I’ve always appreciated this deep dive from blogger and patternmaker Pattern, Scissors, Cloth in testing theories behind a swayback adjustments.

Maybe it’s a swayback? Maybe it’s not? Maybe you’re doing it all wrong? This look at other ways to address that upper posterior gapping from sbccpatterns.com .

Flat Seat

Older woman in a pink sweater sitting at a sewing machine and looking straight at the camera
GBSB Publicity Photo

We’re entering the specific world of pants here with this flat seat adjustment by the original Queen Sewing Bee and season one winner of the Great British Sewing Bee Ann Rowley. I’ll be honest, I’d dealt with my full seat for so long it hadn’t occurred to me that not everyone is packing in the back until I spotted this minimally worded tutorial from Ms. Ann herself. This Flickr album highlight how she makes a flat seat adjustment.

Just take me to the PANTS:

And now we take you to some excellent pants fitting resources free to you online.

Graphic with the text "Best Tips for Pants Fitting: Fitting Tips" superimposed over a pair of legs in dark trousers

Closet Core Patterns’ free pants fitting guide has a lot to offer. A checklist of changes and alterations plus a great start on learning terminology for fitting your bum bum. (great for learning some terminology)

I’m also a big fan of this brand agnostic, bad mamba jamba pants fitting resource from the Curvy Sewing Collective.

I hope that’s some guidance to enter the world of fitting your shining asset!

Renee Samuels still blogs from Baltimore, Maryland, USA at MissCeliesPants.com because she is old and posts more regularly on Instagram as @MissCeliesPants.