Ask the Sewcialists: What’s your pain in the butt?

As we head towards our final theme month – All butts welcome – I have been reflecting on the various fitting issues that come with our lower halves.

I personally have two main fitting challenges for pants and other lower garments.

The first is that my waist measurement puts me in a size two sizes larger than my hip measurement. This leads to lots of pants that are cut out for waist measurement, graded in the hips, and still don’t fit. They just end up way too big, even in the waist… I think there is something in some pants construction that relies on your hips to hold the pants up and maybe a certain ratio of waist to hip which is throwing me off and I don’t know how to address it.

My second issue is a flat seat. I suspect this exacerbates issue one. I routinely have lots of fabric swimming around the hips and lower bum and just taking from the side seam doesn’t work unless it’s a relatively small amount. This issue also makes pants with flat front and back elastic look particularly terrible.

I will finally confess that I have very little pant fitting experience. I see lots of discussions about “adjusting the rise” and while I know what the rise is, I have zero clue why or when I would adjust it…so hopefully I might learn that!

My aim for this theme month is to try and nail a really well fitting woven pant (or block). Hopefully then I can use that to compare to all the gorgeous pants patterns out there and learn how to adjust them before I cut them out!

What about you? What’s your pain in the butt of fitting and what do you hope to tackle in the theme month?

Let us know in the comments below!