Saying Farewell to Sewcialists!

Sewcialists logo with a speech bubble saying "Farewell!"

After eight years, Sewcialists is saying goodbye!

We absolutely adore this community we’ve built, and we are so grateful for all the volunteers and readers like you who have made it possible. But eight years is a long time to run a sewing blog, and we need a break.

When will Sewcialists finish?

We plan to host our final theme month, All Butts Welcome, and then spend June rounding up our favourite posts. Our relaunch in 2017 began in mid-June, so June seems like an appropriate time to come to an end.

What will happen with the blog and Instagram?

The blog will still be here, with all our past content. Our Instagram account will go dormant too, but you never know, we might pop on there from time to time if there is something really important to share.

Will Sewcialists ever come back?

Never say never! Sewcialists was founded in 2013 by a bunch of friends, and we ran it for two years before stepping back for a break. During that break, I (Gillian) was an Editor on the Curvy Sewing Collective. I came back to Sewcialists with a fresh focus on intersectionality and identity, which we have continued for three or more posts a week for the last four years. It’s totally possible that Sewcialists will come back in a different way in the future!

Why is Sewcialists shutting down?

Running this blog and the Instagram account takes a team of 15-20 volunteers, and it is a lot of organization and management behind the scenes. Planning theme months, finding guest authors, writing posts and getting them edited is just the start… then there are Instagram feed and stories, emails, replying to comments, and always moving on to the next big thing! We all have day jobs and families, and Sewcialists is a pretty time-intensive hobby that leaves little time for actually sewing.

The great news is that the sewing community is a very different place than it was even four years ago! When we relaunched Sewcialists in 2017, our big focus was the Who We Are series, which explored how identities like age, size, skin colour, ability, and nationality affect our sewing experience. Those discussions weren’t happening widely in the sewing community back then, but now they are everywhere! We feel happy wrapping up knowing that we’ve played our small part.

But don’t leave yet! We have two more months of content coming your way, and we are determined to go out with a bang, not a whimper. Stay tuned!

Gillian is a cofounder of the Sewcialists. She loves cats, colours, and sewing communities, and blogs at