Your Scraps Help Our World

What if you could be part of a movement that has saved 28 kilos (61 pounds) of scrap fabric from our landfills and that’s just the beginning? What if you could join an army that has made 548 needed gifts, 548 moments where people were touched by a stranger’s kindness?

@tacqueira_goku made these toys with friends and co-workers for homeless kids at @cts4kids_ (ID: a cluster of six handmade stuffie monsters in various colors: pink, yellow, green and white.)

The People’s Sewing Army is a collective of sewists who make magic with their scrap fabric for organizations in need. It’s by the people, for the people. Our mission: We reuse our sewing scraps for good causes. Our value: We love our planet and the people on it. 

@sarah.a.mcmanus made scrap quilts for the birds and napkins for volunteers at @portlandaudubon Wildlife Care Center. (ID: a stack of folded napkins in various colors and a stack of folded quilts in various colors.)

It’s simple to join. Just follow @thepeoplessewingarmy on Instagram. Missions are posted on the grid, and details are listed on the blog. If you decide to accept the mission, you use your scraps to make what the mission dictates. 

@thriftina_nyc making pride patches for queer youth @smyrcpdx (ID: a pansexual pride patch with pink, yellow and blue horizontal stripes in front of a sewing machine’s feed dogs.)

Once your project is completed, you then mail it to the organization in need. You are responsible for shipping costs, however you decide what you can afford to ship. The power rests with you.

@madame__ovary made scrap quilts for recovery bird cages at @portlandaudubon Wildlife Care Center. (ID: four small quilts made from squares and rectangles of scrap fabric.)

And that’s the beauty of it: what you put into the sewing army is entirely up to you. You control when you want to participate. There is no obligation. You simply act when you are moved to do so.

@angelahirsch was inspired to make scrap monsters for homeless kids at @cts4kids_ (ID: a purple monster stuffie with white fangs holding a guitar.)

And without much effort, you’ve moved an adult to tears, made a houseless teen feel loved, thrilled a group of children with their first toys, and embraced our beautiful planet.

@cricketinseattle made bowties for queer youth at @smyrcpdx (ID: an image collage 1) a white person wearing a bow tie with little fox heads on the fabric; 2) two fox head bow ties with two matching hankies and two polka dotted bow ties with matching hankies; 3) a different angle of the four bow ties and four hankies.)

After all, making is magic. And giving is power.

Care to join us?


Denise Archer has joined the Sewcialist team as a Temporary Editor. She is the founder of @thepeoplessewingarmy Her personal garments and projects can be found @h.o.m.u.n.c.u.l.u.s