Zero Waste Theme Month: Zero Waste Theme Month Begins Today!

This month we are challenging you to sew a garment or item that is zero waste (ZW) or minimal waste. We announced the theme month a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s time to actually start your projects and take part in the challenge!

Zero waste sewing often doesn’t use an actual pattern. In fact, it is quite a different way of thinking about pattern making with simple but functional shapes that are commonly drawn straight onto the fabric as cutting lines and assembled in a unique way that uses all the fabric you have available. Minimal waste involves having a very small amount of fabric left over that can be used for another make. Both methods are environmentally friendly and create an intriguing and stimulating change from the norm.

This month we thought you might like to try one of the following:

  • Choose a ZW pattern and sew it up.
  • Make something that creates minimal waste.
  • Make an item and then use the resultant scraps in another scrap busting item (or two).
  • Make something completely out of scraps.
  • Share your ideas!

If you want to participate, all you have to do is tag your projects #SewcialistsZeroWaste on Instagram! If you don’t have Instagram, you can email us a photo instead at We will post inspiration, patterns (or instructions), and guest authors’ posts during February. There will also be a podcast by Sew Organised Style, so it will be a busy month. Ready, set, sew!

Sue lives in beautiful Western Australia where the weather is most conducive to making easy to wear zero waste garments. She is retired (so has lots of time) and blogs at and is on Instagram @suestoney.