Announcing our February Theme Month: Zero Waste Sewing!

Logo for the theme month: Text says Zero Waste Sewing #sewcialistszerowaste

It’s time for another theme month! This February we are exploring zero waste sewing, and we invite you to join us!

So what is zero waste sewing? In short, it’s making use of every bit of fabric in your project. It is good for the environment, and good for the wallet too!

Here’s how you can join our Zero Waste Theme Month:

  • Sew a zero waste pattern! There are a growing number of free and purchasable patterns which are designed to use every inch of fabric. This Seamwork article does a good job explaining and showing some examples, and a Google search will show you more!
  • Make a low waste garment! There are lots of ways to reduce the amount of waste left over from a standard garment pattern, like using secret seams or colour blocking with leftovers from other projects.
  • Scrapbusting projects! Use leftovers from previous projects so that nothing is thrown away. For example, the People’s Sewing Army run by our new editor Denise asks sewists to use scraps to make little projects for the benefit of charity. Or, you could use your scraps to make undies, kid clothes, quilts, colour-blocked clothing, or as stuffing for a soft toy or pouf!

Want to do even more? We’ll be looking for a total of six volunteers to write a post about a zero/low waste sewing project. Look out for that call for contributors coming soon.

Our Zero Waste Theme Month will run all through February, and all you have to do to join is sew or refashion something using low waste techniques. Tag us #sewcialistszerowaste on Instagram if you’d like to be included in the month-end round up. We are excited to see what kind of projects you come up with, from traditional to modern, complex or simple!

Let us know below: What zero waste project are you inspired to make?