Sewcialists Top 5 (Non-Sewing) Highlights!

It’s a dirty little secret in the sewing community that sometimes we do things beyond sewing. Gasp! I know! Could it be true? Are we cheating on our sewing machines?

Photo of scissors cutting a turquoise-colored ribbon. Text states "#SewingTop5" and "Bye Bye, 2020!"

Today we are sharing some of the highlights of our year, and inviting you to do the same! And yes, in 2020 those might be smaller highlights than normal, but it’s all about perspective.

Two close-up pictures of cat faces in a collage.
Frank on the left, Clay on the right.

Gillian: One of the highlights of the year was watching our cats’ behaviour change and expand because we were home more often! Our two cats spent 8 years living together in a distrusting truce, but over the last 9 months they learned to walk right by each other without anyone ‘fraidy-peeing themself. I think having us around 24/7 made them feel more relaxed. As our older cat’s health failed this fall, the younger cat started expanding her territory and venturing downstairs for the first time. Frank passed away on Christmas Eve, breaking our hearts, but it is a joy to watch Clay gaining confidence. This morning she joined me on the couch for the very first time! This year has taught me to be grateful for the small things, and to treasure what I have, so cats brought a lot of joy. Spoiler for 2021’s highlights: we are now looking for a pair of kittens!

Andrea: Walking in the countryside has been a joy in 2020. During the two national ‘confinements‘ (lockdowns) here in France, we were only allowed to exercise for an hour a day, and only in a radius of 1 kilometre from our homes. We live just a few miles from town, but are so lucky to be able to walk in the fields and woods right from our doorstep. We really scoured that 1 km circle in depth, discovering all sorts of little paths through the woods and along streams that we had not dared to explore beforehand. We got to know all the local donkeys and horses, munching away on their grass happily unaware of what problems their humans were going through. We even became avid observers of wildlife – you regularly see deer, hares, kites, herons and buzzards. After decades of living right in the centre of a town you cannot help but be entranced at the site of a herd of deer speeding towards the horizon, safe in the knowledge that the local hunters could not shoot them – at least not this year.

A picture of Chris with a pastel pink Ilford Jacket and copper dungaree buttons
When you can’t go outside, take the best indoor selfie you can xD

Chris: I think one of my highlights this year has been gaining newfound trust in friends, as well as trying to be grateful for each day that I’m still on this earth. Here in San Diego, or at least in the area where I’m currently at, you’re often times hard pressed to find people who wear masks or are courteous enough to give you some space when walking around. It’s hard feeling like my health and well-being are not in my hands but in the hands of the government and also the every day people around me who aren’t careful. It’s definitely made me appreciate each day in a new way. This also extends to friendships. I value friends who have taken this pandemic as seriously as I have, and give me the space (6 feet of love and trust people lol) I need to feel safe, not only physically but also mentally. I only go to and from work, and get supplies for sewing and food when needed, so for me these day-to-day things stuck out the most.

A young boy in a red top, a black and tan kelpie dog and a girl drawing on her computer are sitting on a grey couch.  They are all looking away from the camera.
All ignoring me, as usual…

Chloe: My highlight for 2020 is how much freedom and happiness this year actually gave my kids (including Le Fur Bébé), despite being weird and disrupted. My eldest started high school and is enjoying freedom of identity, personality and movement that comes with being a big kid. My youngest and his friends used the incredibly quiet streets of our lockdown to roam around on their bikes and scooters exploring in a way that they didn’t previously with all the usual traffic. And all three of them all feel calmer, happier and more centered now that we spend almost all our time working from home. Especially the rescue fur child who as you can see, is now living his best life!

Our highlights are surprisingly the positive results of this year’s strange events. What was your top highlight of 2020? Let us know in the comments below!