Ask The Sewcialists: Sew Trendy

As the sun sets on my time as a temporary editor here, I needed to get in one last question to my fellow Sewcialists. I feel like my style has evolved and changed ever so slightly. When I initially came on board with the Sewcialists, I had JUST broken up with buying all synthetic blend fabrics. These fabrics seemed to be the ones that were the most trendy in both print and fabric type (looking at you, chenille & crushed velvet!). So it got me really thinking about classic vs. trendy: What does it mean to be trendy or sew trendy clothes?

In a lot of ways I feel like the styles that I’m currently drawn to are classic pieces, but if I’m seeing them everywhere, then surely they must be trendy. Some of my favorite pattern designers right now seem to be making similar things—boxy tops, elastic waist pants, A-line skirts. At face value, these items all seem fairly classic to me, but I have also seen similar items at Madewell, Anthropologie, etc., which I consider to be trendy stores. Is it the cyclical nature of fashion that makes these items trendy? Is it the colors and fabrics used? Is there some formula to being trendy? Am I just getting older and my tastes are fading with the times?

A young woman against a white wall wears cropped, straight leg black jeans with a pumpkin-coloured long sleeve turtleneck tucked into the waist band. She is wearing a boxy, loose blazer in a neutral oatmeal colour; the blazer has narrow lapels down to a single button just under bust level, and a single huge pocket on each side of the front. The pockets go from waist to a couple of inches above the hem, and are almost as wide as each front piece. White sneakers complete her relaxed pose.
Classic Blazer from Madewell. Effortlessly cool look.

With textiles I feel like the lines are more obvious as to what is or isn’t trendy. It is fairly easy to notice the same colors and types of fabrics popping up than it is styles or different iterations of the same style, in my opinion. When it comes to textiles I think I tend to gravitate towards more of the classics these days. I do think some of that comes from my currently fairly barren closet (I have no time to sew with all these people in my house!!) When I started sewing my closet was bursting at the seams, so buying wild prints that didn’t go with much else in my wardrobe did not feel like such a mistake.

I suppose this leads me to my next question: If I’m sewing trendy silhouettes in classic fabrics, am I “sewing trendy”? Is trendiness subjective or objective? Largely I think trendiness is dependent on your sphere of reference; what seems trendy to me may not seem trendy to you. I don’t find it super important to try and follow trends, but I do think they influence my sewing and knitting choices even when I don’t realize it. As a small fat woman, it also is nice to be able to sometimes find patterns that emulate the trendy RTW pieces that I cannot find in my size—another nice benefit of sewing my own clothes.

Hand-knit bralette in neutral beige overall with a wide neon green hem.
A hand knit bralette (Framework Bralette) I made for myself. Neon + neutral is definitely a trend that I’m seeing more, so my make choices definitely are sometimes trendy!

So now to you my Sewcialist friends: What does trendiness mean to you? Do you mainly try to make trendy clothing or do you stick to classics? Let me know in the comments below!

Amanda is a mom of two, crafting away in North Carolina. She can be found on Instagram @mandabe4r where she posts about everyday life (and she finally finished a sewing project!). She LOVED her time as an editor with the Sewcialists and will not be a stranger.