Theme months and mini-challenges: what’s your vibe?

Here at Sewcialists we spend a fair bit of time brainstorming ideas and working through when we should run different types of content on the blog. As you know, we have a few series’ on the go—our Ask Gabby long-running series, #SewThePrecious, and a new series on textiles of the world.

We have found it hard this year to pick the right vibe—there have been fires, floods, pestilence, and civil unrest. How people might feel about a fun mini-challenge in all that is anyone’s guess. Half of us feel like we might need the lightness, the other half feel it might be in poor taste. So we have muddled through.

We are currently debating what should happen in November (usually a theme month) and wondered what you think? Do you want a classic theme month? Would you rather a couple of mini-challenges, or something different?

Let us know what you are in the mood for in the comments and we will factor it in where we can!