#AllChestsWelcome: Extending #AllChestsWelcome!

A graphic with a black background showing All Chests Welcome and then the word EXTENDED in glowing pink with the sewcialists logo at the bottom.

Almost every theme month, we worry in the first few weeks that we don’t have enough posts to fill every slot in the month. We usually ask for more volunteer and guest authors than we need, because we know that life gets in the way and sometimes posts fall through. We almost always still have a mini panic and ask a few more people to contribute.

That’s the first nervous couple of weeks of every theme month for me, Chloe the Scheduler.

Then in week three of the month, something magical happens. Every post we were expecting comes in, and more come out of the woodwork to boot. We usually then end up with more content than we need! This is normally accommodated with a few additional posts on days we wouldn’t usually publish. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion…

This time we have decided to extend the theme month by another week, rather than cramming it in.

So enjoy another week or so of #AllChestsWelcome!