#AllChestsWelcome: The Kickoff!

Hello beautiful people, and happy August! Can’t believe most of the year is gone already.

As with every August, this month comes with a theme, All Chests Welcome! We chose this name because we all have chests, and we all need to sew for their unique requirements.

All Chests Welcome Logo

Are you excited? I know we are. Here are some of the topics you can expect from us:

  • sewing post mastectomy
  • #binderstories
  • there’s a first time for everything, including making bras
  • what’s up, cup sizing?
  • and more!

There is really no right or wrong way to sew for your chest. You are the master of what your body needs; therefore, any project, from the complex to the easy, the breast enhancing to the gender affirming, are valid. To inspire you—and us—we’ll be sharing photos as well as posts all month long by members of the community. We are sure the community will not disappoint!

Wanna join? Show us your chest-hugging (or not) pieces and tag them with #allchestswelcome on IG to join us this month. You can also DM us or email us if you think your post might not be seen.

Emilia enjoys black outfits, word puns, good tailoring, and transforming their apartment into a greenhouse. When they are not sewing, they are a researcher in the field of Neuroscience. You can find them on IG @emilia_to_nuno and on their blog.