Announcing our August Theme Month: #AllChestsWelcome

Theme month banner graphic. It looks like a black chalkboard, with the words ALL CHESTS WELCOME scrawled in all caps. In typed letters underneath, it says "August 2020 — Sew for your chest, whatever it is, from bras to binders. #allchestswelcome." The Sewcialists logo is also featured.

Do you have breasts, boobs, ta-tas, bazingas, body building pecs, a post-mastectomy shape, or something in between? One thing we’ve noticed here at the Sewcialists is that fitting your chest is very common preoccupation among sewists. It seems that very few of us are making a fitted pattern right out of the package without doing some kind of adjustments.

Lingerie making has exploded in popularity in part because it’s so pretty, but also because everyone’s chest is different and commercial off the shelf bras that fit and are comfy can be harder to find than a four leaf clover. Specialty undergarments like post-mastectomy bras and binders can be even more of a challenge as commercial options are more limited.

We’re also seeing an increase in gender-inclusive patterns and I know I for one am curious about how to fit those to my body without looking like a rectangle — or maybe that’s the point?

This August we want to explore all things related to sewing for your chest and we’re asking you for your input, contributions, and advice. All chests are welcome, and we are looking for a variety of gender presentations.

Are you interested in writing for us on a chest-related topic this August? Please get in touch with us at with your idea and a little bit of info about you and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your input! #allchestswelcome

Kerry is a sewist from Ottawa, Canada.