Who We Are: Call for Contributors

It’s been a minute, but I think it’s time for another Who We Are series! We’ve explored some pretty awesome topics in the past including Sewing for Carnival and Being Shadow Banned, Sewing for Extreme Heat, and Learning to Sew as a Male. There are SO many beautifully diverse voices and experiences in the sewing community so it’s hard to only mention a few! All the posts can be seen here.

Drum roll please! This leads us to our next theme: Vintage Sewing. Currently we are looking for contributors who:

  • Collect vintage sewing notions/machines: Do you hunt down notions and machines at thrift stores or online? Do you love restoring machines to their former glory to sell?
  • Sewing Vintage Patterns: Have you had to greatly alter patterns to fit your body? Do you only buy original patterns or do you sew vintage inspired patterns? Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unwelcome in vintage pattern social spaces?
  • Alter/Repurpose Vintage Fabrics or Clothing: Do you find clothing from resale shops and fashion them into something modern? Do you alter vintage clothing to work for your body? Have you ever spent time searching for the PERFECT deadstock or vintage fabric?

If you identify with any of these topics, please send us an email to sewcialists@gmail.com with 1-3 paragraphs explaining your experience! If possible, please also send in a picture (it’s nice for people to put a face to a voice) and a 1-sentence bio linking to where people can connect with you online. Your stories will be grouped together and compiled in a relevant post.

We absolutely cannot wait to hear from you!

Amanda is a mother of two trying to craft her way through life. She can be found on Instagram at @mandabe4r, where she shares superfluous pictures of her kiddos and current projects.