#MayWeRemindYou — TNT poll!

The TNT theme month graphic: a white square with a border that's half teal, half coral, and the words "Revisiting TNT TNT TNT Tried'n'true Patterns! #sewcialistsTNT".

TNT month was my FAVOURITE. I loved seeing how people took a pattern and just ran with it. Some people made a heap of the pattern as-is, some people used the pattern as a jumping off point for all sorts of garments. All of them totally rocked it.

TNT month was also my month of interesting stats. I (manually!) tracked all the makes we had featured and tagged on Instagram and analysed them re garment type and pattern company (see that post here).

I also wrote about not having a TNT myself (but wanting one!). I have a few now, but am always looking for inspiration — so my motivation for this post being an interactive poll is a little bit selfish. I want to hear what your TNT patterns are, and get more ideas!

Without further ado, please let us know about your TNTs by filling in the poll below.

Thanks for updating us on your TNT choices — we will post the results next week with a comparison to the results from the original theme month, and hopefully we will all be inspired to try out some new patterns!

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor who lives and sews in Australia, on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. She blogs at chlo-thing.com and can be found on Instagram here