#MayWeRemindYou: The Sewing Community Always Gives Sew Much

November 2019 theme month banner: The Giving Challenge / #givesewmuch

I have noticed since getting more active in the sewing and knitting communities that textile artists are the best people. They are selfless, kind, practical, and so very giving of their time, their passion, their craft, and also their supplies.

I went back and re-read all of the Giving Challenge posts, and they are filled with love for family (the one you were born into and the one you made) and community. From quilts to dolls to tote bags, our guest authors really demonstrated how we give back with our skills.

Since then, we’ve had a couple of events that rallied the world’s sewists: the terrible bushfires in Australia, and the global Covid-19 pandemic. As Sewcialists, we wrote some hotly discussed posts on both of these topics — making rescue gear for koalas, and making personal protective equipment for the medical profession and our friends, families and communities.

Red and white striped hanging pouches with stuffed animals in them

Questions around how and where to help — through our skills, donations of money or materials, organized or individual contributions, and through which organizations — these will be a struggle to answer in any large call for help from sewists.

Three rows of colorful fabric face masks

Nobody wants their efforts to go to waste — few things enraged me more than the governor of New York State posing in front of a wall of home made cloth masks, donated by sewists from around the United States. I’m pretty sure that’s not why the sewists dipped into their personal stash of fabric, spent their precious personal time crafting a mask, and went to the post office to mail it to NY. Sure, the government said they’re going to find a good home for all of the masks on the wall, but do you really believe that?

Regardless, we will continue to give as a community because that is who we are. Not always in large scale appeals, but in teaching others to sew, making useful and beautiful gifts, becoming part of an army of people who do good, destashing for charity, and clothing our people.

I’m spending my summer teaching a 21-year-old how to sew beautiful, practical clothing that is made from sustainable and natural fibres. What are you all doing to continue your #givesewmuch mission?

Kerry lives in Ottawa, Canada with three dogs, a wonderful husband, and an adult sort-of-stepdaughter who is learning to sew. She is learning how to live in a modern family in a pandemic, one day at a time. You can also find her @gymnauseous on Instagram.