MAY we remind you…?

In our usual rhythm, May would be a theme month for Sewcialists. But when we started talking about topics and organising, we just weren’t feeling it. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be asking for volunteers and guest posters en masse during these strange times.

Equally, these odd times are just the right point to have other things going on! As we looked back across all the theme months since the Sewcialists reboot, we realised how many topics we have explored as a community and thought it would be fun to revisit them and remind ourselves of all those amazing posts and makes from theme months past! May is #MAYWeRemindYou month!

We will have a mix of posts coming your way – some to recall the month, some matching the theme of the month and some which are updates on the theme!

It’s lightweight and fun – you can take part by sewing something to match a previous theme or just by letting us know which previous theme month was your favourite!

Use the #MAYWeRemindYou hashtag or the original theme month hashtag on Instagram if you join in, otherwise – sit back, relax and revisit some seriously cool sewing fun!