Share your ideas for sewing with kids and teens!

Today we are asking for your ideas and expertise: What are great projects to sew with kids or teens who are stuck at home? Let’s bring the newest generation into our #sewstayhome community!

Here are a few ideas to get us started :

  • As a child, I remember the great delight of getting to choose fabric for clothing for myself, then sitting on my mom’s lap and “helping” while she sewed.
  • When I was a bit older, I enjoyed working with cross stitch kits and making my own basic garments like pyjamas pants or skirts.
  • As an elementary teacher, I’ve had great luck teaching my classes to embroider on felt and making bean bags as a simple first project.
  • Anyone else remember that point in time when learning from your mom made you the brattiest teen possible? If I had a teen, I’d consider something like Sew It Academy by Mimi G, BluPrint or Youtube tutorials to avoid shouts of “Mom, stop hovering over my shoulder!”

Please share your ideas and help each other make plans in the comments!

Gillian is co-founder of the Sewcialists. She teaches ESL in Canada and lives with her cats, husband and giant fabric collection!