Sew Your Birth Year — Mini Challenge Check In

Hey, everyone!

With the extension of the current mini challenge to Sunday April 5, we wanted to check in and see how people are going!

There are lots of excellent inspiration pictures out there. A world of patterns with bright colours and large-haired illustrations awaits! 🙂

We are loving seeing makes pop up on Instagram using the handle #SewcialistsMiniChallenge. Some people are sticking closely to a pattern and appropriate fabric to look like a garment from the relevant year, some are using modern patterns to mimic the style of the year they were born, and some are ending up with very modern-looking garments that are a riff on the fashion from their birth year. We love all of those interpretations!

How are you going with sewing your birth year? If you haven’t started, the challenge is on until this Sunday (April 5) at midnight EST, so you still have time to get into it! Let us know your plans in the comments below!