Ask The Sewcialists: What is the Deal with Cancel Culture?

If you spend as much time on social media as I do you may have also noticed that “influencers” (for lack of a better word) are cancelling people and brands left and right. For those of you not in the know, to be “cancelled” is exactly what it sounds like—you are now a pariah of the community and are no longer to be held in a place of respect.

A few months back, a popular influencer who was always quick to cancel someone was found out to be problematic themselves. This led me to sit on two questions:

  1. Should we continue to collectively cancel brands based on the opinions of one or two vocal people?
  2. If a brand has been cancelled, can they ever be redeemed?

Influencers are just people too—so therefore their word isn’t really law. I have found that sometimes I don’t necessary agree with the reasoning behind the pseudo-boycott. Other times I see brands that seemingly turn themselves around after either being educated or educating themselves. I know a great deal of emotional labor goes into educating people. I don’t think that the responsibility of teaching people should always fall to those who are in the marginalized groups. So this certainly is not a call to arms for the already tired folks out there dropping knowledge on people.

If I’m being honest I’m pretty over the constant public shaming. The big brands who are set in their ways are not going to change because of it—there are plenty of people who are not on social media that will still continue to buy from them. Shaming smaller brands sometimes feels kinda icky because it has the potential to mess with a person’s livelihood.

On the other hand: It is kind of helpful when a brand (or person for that matter) does something that goes against my beliefs to have the heads up before they get any of my dollars.

So what say you, fellow sewcialists?

Is continuing to support this cancel culture helpful or harmful to the sewing community? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Amanda is a mother of two trying to craft her way through life. She can be found on instagram at @mandabe4r where she shares superfluous pictures of her kiddos and current projects.