#SewingTop5 GOALS Check In!

You might recall that instead of telling you our goals at the start of 2020, we asked for yours.

Now that our denim month is over, we thought it was time to let you know the results of the goal polls and see how you are going now we are 1/6th of the way through the year (how terrifying?!).

We asked you what your goals for 2020 were in three categories: fabric goals, skill goals, and making goals.

Fabric Goals

A graph showing answers to the fabric goals question. By far the largest score was for using the fabric you have, even if precious. The second most popular was only buying fabric you really love, then only buying particular fabric such as denim. Finally buying no fabric at all and then buying more fabric were the least popular answers.

It has been very exciting to see our year-long challenge to #SewThePrecious fabric take off, and this fabric-focused goal poll shows us why! By far the most popular answer was to use the fabric we have, even if it’s precious. The second answer is also illustrative: many of us only want to buy more precious, and not settle for “close enough.”

We thought it was pretty interesting that the basics of buy more or buy less were the least popular categories. It shows the thoughtfulness of the community at large!

Skill Goals

A bar chart of the skill goals categories. Learning something new is the most popular, then improving the basics. After that is tackling a personal nemesis, such as zips, then finally using a new fabric which is difficult or worrisome.

Next up are skill-related goals. Sewing is a lifelong journey and the answers for this section reflect that too! It’s great to see lots of us pushing into new skill territory, and almost as many focusing on honing the skills we have already learned.

Making Goals

The making goals displayed as a pie chart. Making a coordinated wardrobe to develop more TNTs was first, with trying to make new items (e.g. lingerie) and making more of what you need tied for second place. After that, making less but of better quality and making more for others came in 4th and 5th.

Finally, we come to your overall making goals. This one seems least consistent, with three pretty popular categories. Making a coordinated wardrobe with more TNTs (“Tried and True” patterns) was the most popular, but making what you need more of and making something new were both tied in a fairly close second. You could argue these categories might represent the same sewing (i.e. I want to make lingerie because I need more of it!).

“Selfish” sewing is still dominant, with only 6% of us looking to make more for others (loving the self-care and self-prioritisation here!).

Own Goals (!)

We also left a section for you to tell us about other goals you had which you didn’t feel were captured in the multiple choice options.

Not all of you added your own but of those who did, about 30% of you fall into the category of “making more,” especially making more time for sewing.

“Make more time for sewing”

“Make more clothes that I’ll actually wear! Not just special occasion clothes”

“Sew more – ‘find’ time for sewing even though life is busy!”

Sewcialists #SewingTop5 Goal poll responses — January 2020

After that, the most frequent comments were about “doing it differently” and specifically quite often focused on improving fit:

“Tackle slopers and blocks for amazing fit”

“Branching out in using social media more in projects”

“Better fitting clothes — it won’t work if it don’t fit!”

“Adapt my sewing to my changing body during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond!”

Sewcialists #SewingTop5 Goal poll responses — January 2020

and one that we say YES!!! to:

“Sew for the body I have right now without feeling bad about it…”

Sewcialists #SewingTop5 Goal poll responses — January 2020

There were heaps of others, but these are just some of the great answers we received.

It’s been fantastic to look through the responses and see how the community is setting goals for 2020.

Now the big question — HOW ARE YOU GOING? Are you already progressing on those goals or did you forget what you clicked? Let us know below whether you are on track, have decided on different goals, or need a kick up the butt to get on with it!

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. She blogs at chlo-thing.com and can be found on Instagram here