Who We Are: Call for Contributors!

We have four new topics we would like to explore in our Who We Are series, and we hope you’ll help us!

Colourful graphic titled, "Exploring Sewing and Identity" which lists the four categories of posts being sought: extreme weather, folk costumes, your religion, and to make ends meet. Contact info is at the bottom; this contact info is repeated at the end of the post itself.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Sewing for extreme weather. Whether hot or cold, windy or rainy, we want to know how you sew for the extremes of the weather spectrum! It could be outerwear or inner layers, fibre and pattern choices, or anything else. What do you sew so that you can stay cool, warm, or dry?
  • Sewing folk costumes. We are leaving this one intentionally wide open—basically any sewing you do for your culture would count! Folk dance costumes, clothing for festivals, or traditional fabrics or shapes. What do you sew that connects you to your heritage?
  • Sewing for your religion. Again, wide open to interpretation! Do you sew particular garments or accessories for religious events, or does your religion shape what you wear day to day? We’d would love to know more!
  • Sewing to make ends meet. We posted recently about budgeting for sewing, and now we’d like to dive deeper into the topic. Do you sew when you can’t afford to buy, do you sew for additional income, or have you or your family done so in the past? We know there can be a lot of stigma around being poor, but hey, we are Sewcialists/Socialists – we know that wealth is not a measure of your worth, and that all people deserve the dignity of a liveable income.

If one of these categories resonates with you, please email us 2-3 paragraphs about the topic to Sewcialists@gmail.com ! Please include a short bio linking to where people can find you online, and if you’d like to, a photo so people can put a face to your name. If you fit into more than one of these categories, please feel free to write about more than one topic.

We’ll gather your contributions into shared community posts. You can read the whole Who We Are series here, if you want to know more.

We can’t wait to hear your contributions – you never fail to surprise, impress, and educate us!