Welcome to the new editors!

Here at Sewcialists, we welcome a new crew of editors every six months. We love getting to know new faces and hearing new voices, and they stop us getting stuck in a rut or overwhelmed.

Meet the new crew!


A picture of Charlotte standing in a field of tall, lilac flowers.  She is wearing a floral dress and glasses.  She is looking at the camera and smiling.

I’m Charlotte and am based in Birmingham, UK.

I’m really interested in the social aspects of sewing. I organise SewBrum, an annual free meet-up in my hometown, which is now in its sixth year; and jointly organise The Sewing Weekender sewing holiday (with Kate & Rachel from The Fold Line), which has sold out for four years running.

I’ve been reading the Sewcialists blog for years and I’m looking forward to getting more involved this year!

You can find me on IG @englishgirlathome or on my blog. I also run the @sewcialevents IG account where I share sewing community challenges and events.


A picture of Emilia looking at the camera.  She is wearing a black top and a stylish black hat. She also wears dramatic black eyeliner and bright fuchsia lipstick.

Hi, I’m Emilia! Originally from the mountains of Northern Italy, I’ve been calling Tokyo home for the past 5 years. I come from a very DIY family and was raised in a farm (or, rather, a kibbutz), before moving to the city, Heidi-style. Having been surrounded by drills, sewing machines, planks of wood, and air compressors (not to mention cow manure) all my childhood, I’ve always enjoyed many creative pursuits, be it painting, music, the occasional welding of furniture, and of course all forms of fiber arts. This is somewhat at odds with my day job in neuroscience research, but I’d argue being creative is the only way I can maintain my sanity!

I enjoy drinking a lot of espresso, staring at ravens, and growing an increasing number of plants in my tiny apartment. Living in Japan, I’m very interested in the non-western take on clothing, fashion, crafts, and how these relate to one’s experience of self.

I started sewing mostly because I didn’t want to buy into the capitalist trap of continuous purchasing and out of growing concerns regarding the environment and workers’ rights. I believe in the power of every individual to make a difference, a message which is also clear in this community and in the Sewcialists.

You can find me on IG @emilia_to_nuno and on my blog.


A picture of Jayne wearing a grey jumper looking at the camera and smiling.  Her arms are folded in front of her.

This is me today, thanks to my friend taking a quick snap of me. I knit this jumper, so that is the first thing about me. One day my sewing will be as good as my knitting. I love art, music and all things creative. I also garden, and play with clay (I have my own kiln).

I work as a peripatetic violin teacher for Haringey Young Musicians in London. Before I taught violin, I was a Design & Technology and Music teacher in secondary education. Originally I am from West Yorkshire.

I am excited to be a temporary guest editor at Sewcialists. SewOver50 was my gateway to these amazing remote communities — I have got so much out of them already, I hope to give a bit back.

I can be found on IG @janyeraven and @jawceramics, and at jawceramics.com.


A "selfie" picture of Kerry smiling at the camera.  She is wearing multi coloured glasses and a teal knit top.  The room behind her looks like a sewing room or craft space.

I’m Kerry from Ottawa (the capital of Canada, between Toronto and Montreal). I’m a former public servant taking a year off work to write a book and nurture my creative instincts. I’ve been garment sewing for about two years, and I also knit. I have three dogs, and a husband who codes during the day and builds stuff at night. We like to travel, and that has exposed us to a lot of different types of people and viewpoints, many of which I’m hoping to bring to the blog.

I’m on Instagram @gymnauseous or you can find me on my blog, The Year of Living Easy.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit about the new editors!