Sewcialists 2020 Challenge: #SewThePrecious!

A little while back we published an “Ask the Sewcialists” post asking whether you buy fabric when you travel. We got a wide range of responses: some people take special trips just to buy fabric, while others seize the chance as they don’t have fabric shops near where they live.

One very common response was that a lot of people buy special fabric but then feel apprehensive about cutting into it. This is something we can all relate to, whether the fabric was bought on a trip, was a special gift, or cost a lot. This got us thinking about a year-long Sewcialists Challenge: we want to make 2020 the year we Sew The Precious!

Join us by using the image below and the hashtag #SewThePrecious on Instagram, or if you aren’t on IG, link to your blog post in the comments section below. Tell us the fabric you pledge to sew, what you will make out of it (if you know) and your deadline for the project!

A picture of some blue fabric, with the hashtag #sewtheprecious overlaid, as well as the words "I pledge to use a special fabric for a special project" and the Sewcialists logo.

The fabric doesn’t have to have been bought on a trip, or be “special” by anyone’s definition other than yours–just something you have been putting off sewing for fear of getting it wrong.

We won’t hold you to anything–especially not the timeframe!–but we will check in with people on their pledge(s) every now and again with a round-up post or an IG repost!

We can’t wait to see what you make with that special fabric!