A Sewcialists Manifesto

Graphic banner saying "A Sewcialists Manifesto" with the Sewcialists logo

This decade, Sewcialists are fighting for change.

We have two goals here: building community and amplifying the voices of all kinds of sewists. We are a website run by volunteers, featuring about 70 different authors each year. We’ve always tried to be gentle agents of change, but as troubles facing the world increase, let’s lean into the radical force of positivity and truth!

Here’s our Sewcialists Manifesto, a public statement of our goals and values:

  1. Sewing is political. Who you are, what you look like, and where you live affect your crafting. The Sewcialist founders included people of different genders, orientations, nationalities, languages and backgrounds, so it was always clear to us that those factors impact sewing.
  2. Listen and learn. From our Who We Are series and Interviews, it is clear that racism, ageism, ableism, sizeism, and sexism and other forms of discrimination still exist and affect our everyday life and sewing. If you are so lucky as to not experience those things, then respectfully listen to those that do.
  3. Believe in people. Sewists are amazing and we think that approaching topics from a positive place is more effective than yelling at each other. There is so much to celebrate in this community, and we are stronger together!
  4. When you know better, do better… but don’t wait until you are perfect to start trying. Sometimes it is intimidating to talk about touchy topics, but we believe it’s better to jump in and try. With climate change, political unrest, and inequality around the world, now is the time to act.
  5. Every little step counts. There are lots of small ways you can make the sewing community more inclusive, like following diverse accounts on Instagram or buying from designers with wide size ranges. Make small changes to become more sustainable, and don’t fret that it doesn’t all happen at once!

The truth is, none of this is new. You, our wonderful community, already do all of this! You encourage everyone, share your knowledge and strength, and inspire each other every day. The Sewcialists community is 30 000 strong, and together we can be the change we want to see!

What is your sewing manifesto for 2020 and beyond? What are your goals and focus, both for yourself and for the community?