Sewing Dilemma: The Guilt of Not Following Through

Since my oldest child was born, every November something funny happens to me. I get all these fantastic ideas in my head of all the things we will do, all the crafts we will make, all the beautiful sewn and hand knitted gifts I will make for my family and others. And then I blink, and all of a sudden it is December 20th and I have only accomplished a tiny fraction of these ideas I get in my head.

Now if I’m being real honest it actually happens multiple times a year. Like maybe even every other month. After all of these periods of over committing or over promising (to myself) I still have not learned and I am left with an immense guilt. I want to sew all the things. I want to see the happy faces of recipients when they receive their handmades. I want to get that good feeling of donating handmade hats and blankets to those in need. Logically I know I can’t do all the things, but I still feel guilty.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this guilt. I never really know how to shake it either. Typically I do some elaborate project after or really try to razzle dazzle on my next project, but I don’t actually think that is sustainable. Especially since it has the capability of sending me right back into that place of guilt.

So tell me fellow Sewcialists — do you ever find yourself filled with broken-sewing-promise-induced guilt? If you do, how do you manage to get past it? Let me know in the comments below!

Amanda is living and crafting in North Carolina while being a mama to two young boys. She can be found on Instagram as @mandabe4r where she posts her sewing, knitting, and a superfluous number of pictures of her kids.