Ask The Sewcialists – Do You Buy Fabric When You Travel?

Hey Sewcialists!

No one will have noticed, but I basically took all of November off from Sewcialising as I was on a work trip. The trip included a couple of different places, but most excitingly (from a fabric perspective) we went to Singapore.

I live in Australia, so I was hoping that Singapore would be reasonably different in terms of fabric available (and price!). I used Fadanista’s post about fabric shopping in Singapore as a guide (thanks Sue!), and ended up visiting both Arab Street and People’s Park Complex based on her recommendations.

My haul is above. I tried to pick things that were interesting or unusual but that I would still definitely wear. My most favourite purchase was this sandwashed silk for $30/m (I know our North American readers will still probably think that is pricey, but it would be over $100 here!).

A green, patterned sandwashed silk. It’s so so so so so so so soft.

I was definitely happy with what I bought, though also quite constrained by the size of my suitcase!

Do you guys buy fabric when you go on trips? If you do, is it because it’s something special or different, or just part of a holiday?

Tell me about your best fabric purchase away from home in the comments!

Chloe is a Sewcialists Editor, who lives and sews in Australia. She blogs at and can be found on Instagram here