The Giving Challenge: A Round Up

What a beautiful Theme Month we have had this November! Thank you for taking part and sharing the myriad ways we can give to other people, animals and our communities. Each and every one of them was the perfect way to #givesewmuch.

Here is a round up of the makes shared for The Giving Challenge, but as always bear with us if Instagram glitches and human error means your amazing make hasn’t been shared. Just drop us a message and we will add it on!

Enjoy these makes and do keep the giving spirit going!

Thank you again to everyone for taking part and do explore the makes on Instagram with the hashtag #givesewmuch for more information on individual projects!

Dear Reader: Our goal is to build community and make everyone feel welcome. We support crafting as an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations and sizes. Regarding sewing challenge themes, we ask that you take each challenge as you see it fitting in your life, and express your involvement how you like, at the given time. Our challenges are for the pure enjoyment of participation and the love of community. Extended Mission Page Here.