The Giving Challenge: Get That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I don’t remember what I received for Christmas last year or my birthday this year, which was only a few months ago. In fact, I don’t remember many of the gifts I have received over my lifetime. What I do remember clearly? Times that I have given something special to others. Why? Because it’s true that GIVING is BETTER than receiving!

While I do love to give, I find myself to be a selfish sewist. Really, I only like to make things for myself. (Please tell me some of you feel the same, so I don’t feel like a terrible person.) So, it turns out this “Giving Challenge” truly is a challenge for me.

I’ve decided to get my young son in on the challenge as well. He will be 6 later this month and has been asking me to show him how to use my sewing machine for a least a year now. I’m excited for us to do this fun thing together and to pass that ‘giving’ feeling along to him. I decided we would make dog toys for our local animal shelter, as it’s something easy to sew and I can use up some of my growing scrap pile. (Yay for a scrap buster!)

I found a free and easy printable pattern at The Spruce Crafts. They’ve got 2 options for small and large dog bones. I picked up some stuffing and ordered some squeakers and we got to work.



So far, we’ve made a handful of the small size bones and have fabric cut to make some large ones as well. Obviously, it’s not a super quick process when you’re also trying to get a young one involved, but it’s been nice to spend the time together working on this. I look forward to visiting our local shelter later this month to drop off the dog toys.

So the moral of my story here is this: if you’re like me, and really only like to sew for yourself, get out of your comfort zone this month and make something for someone else. I promise you that when you #givesewmuch, it will give you a warm and fuzzy happy feeling that you won’t regret! And consider getting a loved one involved too, so you can share that feeling.

Anne is an architectural and design representative for a flooring distributor by day and a hobby sewist by night. She lives with her husband and two young sons in Central Texas. She enjoys a good ‘sewing challenge’ and you can check out some of her personal makes on Instagram (@a_galmor), along with some of her recent reads, kid pics, and other randomness.

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