It’s finally here! The start of The Giving Challenge

*sings* It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Another theme month is upon us, my friends!

It’s finally time for The Giving Challenge to begin! Sharpen those shears (or not, that’s cool too), grab a warm beverage (or possibly a cold beverage for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), and get to sewing.

If you need some inspiration for who to sew for, or what to sew check out this post about gift ideas.

This community is so wonderful and filled with more ideas than can be contained in any one post. I think my absolute favorite part of challenges is seeing all the insanely creative ways others interpret the prompt. It’s going to be so beautiful to see the activity which many of us use as self care (sewing/crafting) being dedicated to gifting or charity work. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, it WILL make the world sparkle just a little bit more.

I eagerly await all the different ways my fellow sewcialists plan to pay it forward this month!

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Do you have sewing plans already? Comment below and let us know!

Amanda is living and crafting in North Carolina while being a mama to two young boys. She can be found on Instagram as @mandabe4r where she posts her sewing, knitting, and a superfluous number of pictures of her kids.