Announcing November’s Theme: The Giving Challenge!

The Sewcialists’ main purpose is to create community — and what better way to bring people together than through giving? Giving our time, skill and love for sewing always makes the world a bit brighter!

This November, we challenge you to sew things and give them to someone else! Whether it be getting together with friends and doing sewing for charity, or simply creating something for another human, community is being cultivated.

Theme Month banner for the Giving Challenge, November 2019, showcasing the hashtag #givesewmuch

You can interpret this however you like! Maybe your local assisted living facility could use some lap quilts. Or perhaps the women’s shelter needs clothes for women and children. Whatever you make, just make it for someone else!

Other ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Animal items for your local animal shelter (toys, blankets, beds, etc.)
  • Hats for NICU patients
  • Items for chemo patients (port pillows, blankets, hats, scarves, etc.)
  • Sanitary items for women in need
  • Aprons for a local soup kitchen
  • A lovey for your grandkid
  • A potholder for your neighbor!

Why “The Giving Challenge”? Well, because the world is rough sometimes, and we can make it better using our shared superpower: sewing! Many of us have a lot of fabric scraps (or stashes!) that could live a second life, and it just takes a little time and love to turn flat fabric into something that will bring joy. Sewing for charity connects us with other parts of our communities and puts our own challenges, whatever they are, into perspective; and sewing for our loved ones reminds us how lucky we are!

Want to join us for the Giving Challenge? This challenge will be taking place the entire month of November. All you have to do is make something (or many somethings) for charity or for someone else, and tag it #givesewmuch on Instagram. That’s it! As always, our rules are flexible and we’ll be giving you plenty of inspiration on the blog.

We will also be looking for contributors who can finish items by November 3rd and would like to blog about their experience. Look for a call-out for volunteers tomorrow on the blog at 7am EST, with another call on Instagram at 7pm EST.

The sky is the limit for this challenge! I haven’t decided who I’ll be sewing for this month, but I’m leaning towards sewing something special for my dad. I greatly look forward to seeing what all you other Sewcialists have planned.

Have any other unique ideas for gift and/or charity sewing? Comment below and let us know what you might make!

Amanda is living and crafting in North Carolina while being a mama to two young boys. She can be found on Instagram as @mandabe4r where she posts her sewing, knitting, and a superfluous number of pictures of her kids.