Inspiration for our TEXTURE Mini-Challenge!

We announced our third mini-challenge on Wednesday, and this time we’re keeping it simple: Sew something that showcases texture! You’ve got until midnight Sunday October 6th (anywhere in the world) to finish something and tag it #SewcialistsMiniChallenge on Instagram to take part!

Idea one: Use a fabric with a strong texture! A collage shows faux fur, leather, bouclé wool, and corduroy.

One easy way to take part is to start with a strongly textured fabric!

Idea two: add texture yourself! The collage shows pintucks, shirring, ruffles, and quilting.

Alternately, you can start with a smooth fabric and add texture yourself with stitching!

Idea three: combine 2 or more textures! The collage shows plaid and plain fabric, wool knit and distressed denim, sequins and denim, and a shearling coat with suede and sheepskin sides showing.

We hope to see lots of people combining textures, either in the same garment or in an outfit! There’s something very modern about combining a “fancy” fabric like silk, sequins or brocade with a casual denim, chunky knit, or faux leather. Or you could go classic, like a bouclé jacket with trim.

A collage of some of Gillian's makes: a dress with a black lace overlay over bright turquoise jersey; burgundy textured velvet; a black outfit with leather trim; and a wild knit jacket/cardigan.

Here are a couple of things I’ve made over the years that would fit this challenge well: lace overlay on jersey, textured velvet, double knit trimmed with faux leather, and brocade over denim! I think combining monotone textures gives a feeling of luxury, and adding in bold contrasting colour as well as several textures is a lot of fun. This is your chance to go wild!

If you haven’t started sewing yet, I hope this inspiration post was useful! Don’t forget to tag your posts on Instagram as #SewcialistsMiniChallenge, and as always, the rules are flexible so just have fun!